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Soundcloud Went Down Today: The Internet Responded Hilariously

Soundcloud Went Down Today: The Internet Responded Hilariously

When you're running a blog, Soundcloud is your life. We have Soundcloud widgets on the site of our website, and almost every post on our site has a least one Soundcloud link. So when Soundcloud went down hard today, all hell starts to break loose.

Each time it goes down it's something new. Somedays you can't get to the site at all, others you just can't play certain songs, and sometimes everything just won't load.

Today none of our widgets were loading, we couldn't play any songs on Soundcloud, and even certain pages were saying that they had been deleted or asked if we had accessed private links.

Soundcloud always going down has constantly led to hilarious memes and jokes, but this one just might be our favorite. Combining multiple layers of Internet, we get a website that popped up called Is Soundcloud Down?

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The site just plays a loop of that classic "Best Cry Ever video" to what sounds like a Soundcloud style beat, along with the words "YAAAASSSSS." Dammit Soundcloud. Stop going down all the time so we can stay sane.

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