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SoySauce Is Feeding Hungry Kids With Their Lunch Money EP

SoySauce Is Feeding Hungry Kids With Their Lunch Money EP

If you aren't already familiar with SoySauce, then this post will serve as your introduction to a social artist project forming out of Washington D.C. The name originally sprung up with little information during 2014, releasing choppy future bass and trap selections on Soundcloud. There was a few originals along with a couple remixes, but not too many details on who was behind the project.

After releasing the vocal collaboration "Broken Record" with Joni Fatora and reaching a more widespread audience, it was released that boy wonder Royal was involved with the project. We recently featured him in our article for 20 Rising Producers Shaping The LA Club Scene, and he has his hand in everything including production and writing for Panic! at the Disco.

Now Royal and SoyBoy have arrived with their first EP together, and it's for a good cause. The Lunch Money EP will go to feeding kids who, you guessed it, don't have money for lunch, making sure every growing youth gets their proper balance of nutrition.

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The four song release includes "Thug Panda," a futuristic and drum heavy anthem that had Andy Milonakis on the original version. We aren't sure why that version didn't make the release, but hearing him rap about dojos, Japanese bitches, and blow fish is too good.

Along with that we get "Broken Record," a brilliant vocal anthem with Stalking Gia by the name of "Talking To Myself," and a collaboration with Hegemon producer Saturn entitled "Gravity Waves." The whole release has a strong theme of East Asian culture with the instrumentations, and the forward thinking pop sensibilities of Royal truly stand out with the lyrics.

You can purchase the release on iTunes if you are trying to feed the hungry, but you can also stream the entire EP below if you don't have a few extra bucks in your pocket.

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