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Stunning Record Store Opens With Over 10,000 Selections (Video)

Record Store Opens With Over 10,000 Selections (Video)

Now this is something we would love to experience with our own eyes. Korean credit card company Hyundai Card has announced that they are opening a massive record store in the capital city of Seoul that boasts over 10,000 records. This includes new records and timeless classics, including rarities and essentials from the likes of The Beatles and Sex Pistols.

Beyond that, the collection also features over 3,000 vinyl-related books and every single issue of Rolling Stone magazine. It's a vinyl collector's wet dream, and it's actually the third installment of the credit card companies library project. First there was design, then travel, and now all things music.


“Through the Music Library and Understage, we wanted to provide Koreans with a valuable opportunity to experience a diverse range of masterpieces of music,” said Lee Mee-young, vice president of Hyundai Card’s brand division.

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Record Store Opens With Over 10,000 Selections (Video)

The top two floors will house records, books, magazines, and other music related products, while the basement with showcase what they are calling the Understage. This will be used for live performances, specifically focusing on supporting indie bands and underground musicians.

Source: The Vinyl Factory

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