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Syre And Giuliano Rascan Are Two Of Canada's Fastest Rising Producers

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Syre And Giuliano Rascan Are Two Of Canada's Fastest Rising Producers

One of last month's most-slept-on tracks, "Desires" from Vancouver's Giuliano Rascan, takes pride in its weirdness. Zany vocals from Jay Jacob hold down the fort, pitched to be slightly unsettling and underpinned by a reverberating loop - wriggling plucks tied with wispy breathing treated to sound like cymbals - that expands before blossoming into a batshit-fun future house jam.

On the remix EP, SYRE's take trades the original's metallic twang for a softer, sweeter vibe, bringing in banjo-like plucks and dropping into classic piano-led house. It brings to mind SYRE's recent remix of Pat Lok's "All In My Head", which blew up earlier this year. (We've been following Pat Lok since at least 2012.)

Interesting enough, all of these artists hail from Vancouver. A come-up is brewing from the Canadian scene as loosely-affiliated local producers inspire each other to innovate with interesting takes on old-school house and future bass music. Watching it grow feels like watching Australia's scene a few years ago, on the cusp of taking on more international presence and influence.

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Below you will find the new SYRE remix of "Desires," along with the previously released original version. If you can't get enough, you can head to Soundcloud and hear the full remix package.

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