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The Best Dance Bars in Dallas!

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Whatever your musical preferences, these venues have something to offer any music fan in Dallas that is not feeling the clubs at any given time.  These spots are the best to go out with a few friends to have a few drinks and relax.

Crown & Harp

Most nights, Crown and Harp has some kind of cheap, well-curated live music. A dedicated group of talented promoters, DJs, and artists make this spot unique, especially on Monday nights. Cool Out Mondays, hosted by Tony Schwa and Cold Diggin', is always an uber-fresh mix of funk, disco, boogie, and soul. Occasionally, Cool Out will host resident DJs from popular clubs across the country, but the guys who run this show every week and their commitment to "strange games and funky thangs" is enough to keep you moving until 2 am.


So & So’s

So & So's had big shoes to fill, and fill they did. There's an impressive lineup of eats (Jameson Pickleback Pizza!) and a healthy lineup of beers and cocktails (including four on draft, from Pimm's Cups to Palomas). Oh, and there are also quite a few beautiful people, particularly on Thursdays (live music) and weekends (DJ). The patio is particularly busy on weekends, so get there early for 7oz High Life ponies with an Alibi whiskey back. Bottoms up.

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Truth & Alibi

Truth & Alibi's got a Willy Wonka candy shop-vibe up front, and you have to know the password to get yourself access to the real treats (candy is dandy but liquor is quicker!). Once inside the cozy space, you’re greeted by long bar with goodies of the adult variety, like the Tax Evasion (Glenmorangie, Yellow Chartreuse, elderflower liqueur, orange bitters) and a thumping DJ. Make sure to get there early on weekends -- and don't forget to check for the password.


Red Light Lounge

With all the Dallas watering holes that made this list, it’s fair to say that Dallas is back in a good way. But what about when you just need to DANCE?! Red Light Lounge is there for you, with two different DJs, a sexy lounge area, and a 3,000sqft rooftop terrace. Do your best Night at The Roxbury impression and get there as fast as you can, just try not to run into Richard Grieco on your way out!

Henderson Tap House


The Henderson pub is always packed with dudes watching sports and girls wearing their trendiest cropped tops. Local and craft beers are on tap and brick oven pizzas are served late into the night. DJs are on the decks from 10 pm to 2 am. When the weather's nice, garage doors open to let the fresh patio air in.


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