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The Chainsmokers' New Tune "Good Intentions" Goes Super Glam Rock Pop

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The Chainsmokers New Tune "Good Intentions" Goes Super Pop

We've been supporting The Chainsmokers almost since day one, even through "Selfie" where the hate was flowing from trolls across the EDM universe like Mt. Dew into a fat kids big gulp cup. These guys came on to the scene with hard hitting "big room" style tunes before every DJ/Producer/Ghost Producer started flooding the market with songs that basically all sounded the same. More or less the same thing that's happening in Tropical House at the moment, if I hear another Kygo rip off I'm going to lose it.

So I applaud the guys for moving on and trying to shape a new sound away from the "big room" circus, it's part of growing as an artist. Unfortunately with this latest tune they have just laid a pop-tastic egg. The vocal sounds like a glam rock band from the 80s... a little Poison, Warrant, White Lion and a touch Nelson got "dancified."

The Chainsmokers New Tune "Good Intentions" Goes Super Glam Rock Pop
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I think this was what Hardwell was trying to do with "Sally" but that turned out to be the biggest abortion in dance music for 2015, maybe the decade. So at least The Chainsmokers got the sound dialed in a bit better, blending a rock / dance sound is a risky move to say the least.

This new tune is pop music, it feels a bit too slick and the vocal is for teenage girls... So what, if that's what they are going for then they nailed it. However, I think a lot of the core fans might truly be a bit disappointed with the track, it's kinda like Miley Cyrus but going in reverse. She started off Disney and went slutty, these guys started off with bangers and now they are getting a bit soft. Oh well, we still like them but if they keep turning out tunes like this, there might be a break up on the horizon (teenage girl joke).

In their own words -

 "So for us, the song is all about people who set out with the best intentions but end up with with the short end of the stick. The wonderful BullySongs from the UK wrote the topline explained to us that this song is all about those times that say to your lady or moms, 'I am just running to the store, Ill be back in an hour, and end up back at 5am...' and that idea really resonated with us as trouble makers with hearts of gold...So this song is dedicated to all the screw ups, all the ppl out their who set out meaning well but somehow always end up messing it all up. Whether your doing somehting illegal to make ends meet or botching a trust fall... But Its an idea that hits close to home for everyone at some point..."

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