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The Daft Punk Movie Is Finally Hitting US Theaters

The Daft Punk Move Is Finally Hitting US Theatres

In a recently uploaded video on the Beatport Youtube channel, we watch the trailer for an upcoming movie called Eden, which came out in 2014 exclusively in France and now has an American release. The description calls it a tribute to house music, but once we click play we see that it appears to be a tribute to something else: Daft Punk.

We hear them talking about Paris, "One More Time" instantly starts playing, and it's the story of two young French musicians dealing with music, drugs, family, love, and much more. The artists decide they want to be DJ's, and although the name Daft Punk is never specifically mentioned, it's clearly touching on the unique rise of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

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The two deal with parents trying to stop them from making music and focus on college, girlfriends who aren't fully sold on the dance craze, and the desire to make something of themselves. It says inspired by true events, and it's not to hard to connect the dots. No robot heads in the trailer, but besides that it all screams Daft Punk.

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