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The Glitch Mob Has The Most Advanced Live Setup In Electronic Music

The Glitch Mob Has The Most Advanced Live Setup In Electronic Music


Photo Cred: Elliott Brockelbank

Over the past ten years, The Glitch Mob has been developing a visceral and emotive sound that truly drives listeners to move. Their sound brings energy, it brings motivation, and it shows off a side of electronic music that is meticulously crafted. They have never just impulsively released music, but taken the time to perfect each individual note of every song.

After two albums, an EP, and a handful of mixtapes, The Glitch Mob has also perfected something else: their live setup. What started as a serious of advanced drum and sample pads has grown far beyond that, pushing the boundaries of technology and how electronic music can be presented to a live audience.

Meet The Blade. This is what they call the electronic device that shapes their live shows, and Ooah, Boreta, and edIT literally become one with the machine. It's the perfect balance of humans becoming immersed with technology, shaping a futuristic model for performance.

Not only did they work with a designer to create the outline and machinery of The Blade, but they had to input all of their new music off Love Death Immortality into the system. Beyond that, they also had to reengineer all their old music to make it fit with The Blade. No wonder it took them so long to release their second album.

Much of the process is easier to watch then speak on, so we've included the mini-documentary below that explains the creative process that went into The Blade with interviews and an exclusive look. Watch for yourself, and make sure to catch them on tour and stream their new EP in full (below).

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