The World's First Rave In A Glacier Is Happening This Summer (Video)

The World's First Party In A Glacier Is Happening This Summer (Video)

It's 2015, and people are getting more and more creative with parties. Festivals and clubs are popping up in unique destinations across the globe on a weekly basis, and people are looking for scenic places to take in their music. We've got parties on boats, private islands, and now inside a glacier.

The event is taking place in Iceland on June 20, featuring performances from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Artwork and hosted by Secret Solstice Festival. Taking place in Langjökull, Europe's second largest glacier, you will initially take a bus from Reykjavík, then enter an ice explorer vehicle that was previously used to transport rock equipment for NASA, and then end the night partying in a man made tunnel within the glacier.

Reykya Vodka will be pouring drinks all night, and all the refreshments, food, and transport are included in the cost for the ticket. The catch though? There are only 70 tickets available and they just went on sale. Very elusive and intimate, so jump on this quick if you are looking for a once in a life time opportunity to rave in a glacier.

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Click here for tickets, and for more information head to their official website.


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