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This Is Either The Best Or Worst EDM Song And Video Of 2015

This Is Either The Worst Or Best EDM Song And Video Of 2015

Alirght we are really torn about this. We get hundreds of requests a day to our review and submissions emails, and catching our attention can be really hard. Just the words "New EP" or "Album For Review" usually don't do much for us, and we look for quick headlines like "Premiere Opportunity" or "Interview."

But today, we got something that immediately caught our attention and we had to click. The email message started with the words "Cats Take Over EDM." We are clicking that 100% of the time. Doesn't matter how buried with are in content or PR emails. That will take precedence.

The song is called "Cool Cat," and is by a Ukrainian urban pop band based in LA called Stereolizza. The email says the song sounds like Ellie Goulding, The Chainsmokers, and Swedish House Mafia, so once again we are definitely clicking this. The video thumbnail is of a dude on the beach with a cat for a head. How fast can I press play?

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Start the video, and all hell breaks loose with a cat inspired club anthem that has spoken elements most likely inspired by sections of "Selfie" from The Chainsmokers. We immediately hated everything and wanted to yell and write about how this is the worst song ever, but how can you be mad when dudes with cat head are running around the beach?

It's that moment where you can't stand what you are watching but are so intrigued and can't turn it off. You want to hate it and hate everyone involved, but then realize it might be a joke and a troll of EDM culture, and then we would look like the fool for not getting it. Like there's literally a classy cat drinking milk out of a wine glass. How is someone expected to process that all so fast?

We don't know what to think but we can't stop watching. This is either the best or worst EDM song and video of 2015 or maybe the last five years, and the club ready, mainstream electro sound is truly stuck in our heads along with the line "You're such a cool cat."

Also, Cool Facts From The Set:

  • It is a very special music video for Stereolizza, because she did everything in it herself, starting from the treatment idea through all stages of production and post-production. "I had this great idea for my next music video, no money and no knowledge of how to do it. But I wanted to do it so bad, that all the rest didn’t matter! So here it is!" - she says.

  • Main hero cat Dicey is 18 years old. He was a stray cat till he was picked up in Ft. Lauderdale in 1999

  • Persian cat Marshmellow was also on Urban Outfitters t-shirts

  • Jax, the sphinx, won 2nd best cat prize at the TICA show in February 2015

  • Zoë is not a male, she's a girl! When she was rescued her tail was badly damaged so it had to be surgically removed to give her the best chance of recovery

  • Vaclav has a twin brother and is not afraid of water

  • Shuki tried yogurt on set for the first time in his life

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