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This Is The Most Fake DJ Set You Have Ever Seen


The idea behind the modern DJ has shifted radically in the past five years. Constant battles of button pushing and pre-recorded sets, along with in depth arguments on whether or not cords were plugged in. It's an ongoing debate, but in this recently surfaced video of Colombian DJ and model Natalia Paris, there is no question what is going on.

From the front this would have looked like any other DJ set, music blaring and Natalia twisting nobs and touching buttons, but an arial view reveals that this DJ set is completely fake. There is absolutely nothing going on with the CDJ's, and it's no more than pre-recorded set being played through the speakers.

Unfortunately, this type of stuff is happening more often than not. DJ Natalia gets paid $10k per gig, but it's not so much her accolades behind the decks that get her booked. Promoters understand that people will come watch a celebrity or model perform, so they pay extra to book them when there are countless other talented artists looking for gigs.

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This was the reason Deadmau5 said he wouldn't be playing in Ibiza this year, after hearing about Kim Kardashian getting a residency there, and we've witnessed with our own eyes Paris Hilton clearing a dance floor at her own party with an atrocious DJ set. At least she was attempting to perform, but this didn't prevent the train wreck.

This trend doesn't seem to be slowing down but actually speeding up, and a time where being a DJ is more reliant on your social status than talent seems to be upon us.

Original Article: Pulse Radio

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