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This Video Is A Reminder To Secure Your Tent At Music Festivals

This Video Is A Reminder To Secure Your Tent At Music Festivals

One of those most important rules to camping is taking care of your tent. Everyone knows this. You have to remember that said tent is your home for a few days, and must be treated with care. Properly setting up the tent, putting on the rain fly, and making sure your tent stakes are tight and securely fastened are all important lessons to learn.

Unfortunately for someone, they just might have skipped this day at Cub Scouts. During Lightning In A Bottle in Bradley, California this past weekend, one tent went way rogue and all the way into UFO status during the event. Carrying from the campground over the Thunder Stage, we see the blue and white tent flip upside down and float into the distance.

We attended the event, but unfortunately missed this series of mishaps. The video was recorded by a couple people though, so Flying Tent In A Bottle lives on and is something we can laugh about. This can't be eco-friendly though, and definitely goes against the pack it in pack out LIB method. Hopefully their tent was gluten free, biodegradable, and didn't have any GMOs.

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UFO tent status at LIB. Saw this leisurely flight during soulular's set today! #lib #lightninginabottle #gladkill #foundations #foundationsrecs

Posted by Gladkill on Monday, 25 May 2015

Secure your tent to the ground or Lightning in a Bottle will eat it.

Posted by Dadon on Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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