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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks – 5.14.15 Chart

Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks – 5.14.15 Chart

It became increasingly obvious whilst panting my way through mile 6 of 13.1 on Sunday, that I had made a slight error whilst updating the old iPod shuffle pre-half marathon. The smug prepared feeling of owning hundreds of cleverly curated tunes in one handy playlist began to trickle slowly away as Prodigy's "Firestarter" went at my ears a third consecutive time. What had began as a "Firestarter," by round three I can tell you, had hit its peak and drowned a slow death in a bucket of my own miserable sweat.

Upon realizing my grave error, I resigned myself to two hours of self- inflicted DJ Fresh, interspersed for variety, with two occurrences of "Don't Stop Believing." Yes fine, the Glee version.  Don't get me wrong - it did the trick and I learnt a new appreciation for old classics but let us never ever misunderstand the importance of a good playlist ever again. You can however, trust in the one below - I pinky swear.

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Joe Ford & Icicle
Shogun Audio

There are some things you shouldn't crossbreed...actually lots of things. Elephants and spiders, Australians and New Zealanders (ahem) BUT apparently Joe Ford and Icicle - A-ok! Good to know...whohoo, belter!

Tantrum Desire ft. Solah
Technique Recordings

Tantrum Desire building up the hype for their highly anticipated debut album 'Diversified' which is releasing on the 28th of June...hold that breath!

“If This Is Love"
DC Breaks
RAM Records

Leading comment up on Soundcloud 'It's never love' made me giggle. It can be, if it's with music my jaded pal playboi71 and this bit of music from DC Breaks is certainly love worthy and staying true to their signature stylings. These guys are playing at SW4 in South London in a few months...should be rather large!

“40 Hurts "
Die & Breaks vs Mad Hed City

Die…Breaks…Mad Hed City…Gutterfunk...What here doesn't have you gagging to hear what this batshit tune is all about.  Let's hope it has you raving so wavey, wavey... There's a delightful Bludgeoned In The Basement mix of this courtesy of Sam Binga floating around and all.


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Whenever I see a tune out on Eatbrain I know it’s not only going to eat my brain but melt it down into a tub of gravy and serve it on mash. This Signs track doesn’t disappoint…what the hell is happening here! Amazing.

"Crazy Clown"
Jam Thieves
Hangar Records

The album artwork might scare the pants off me but the weird as shit tune has got me sticking around anyway. Not your standard jam! (geddit)

Philth and Agman Gora
Dispatch Recordings

Pretty convinced I’m going to go out and kill my neighbours after listening to beats this sinister but Christ, it pulls you in. I want to stop listening but that chant, that repetitive snap…

"The Devil May Cry (Dexcell Remix)"
Mark Maze
Available on free download 

This roller comes to you courtesy of Soundcloud - who did it's own damn thing in the background and came out with a result! The lyrics at the start grabbed the back of my shirt and then I just kind of got pulled in...see what you reckon...

Noisia & The Upbeats

Who needs a title when you can make a track like this out of clanging can sounds (admittedly amongst others). Need a pacemaker fitting now, nice one team...

"Made Me Feel"
Cartoon ft. Kristel Aaslaid
Liquicity Records

Some sloppy sentiment all wrapped in a liquidy good time.

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