Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks – 5.22.15 Chart

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This time last year, I stood in a snaking queue outside a glorified paddock in Essex – the home of We Are festival - drenched in boatloads of both rain and excitement. But as time wore on, the flimsy waterproof jacket pitched tent style over my head became less and less waterproof, the excitement gave way to the tingle of precursory hypothermia and it all started to seem a bit hopeless. Never should I have feared though! 

The first glimpses of Britain’s summer so far have been similarly sad but this time I shall be prepared with umbrella, wellies and toss away thermal wear. I will also come equipped with the knowledge that once you enter through those pearly gates - no matter the weather - spirits will soar and a bad ass time will begin. Once you're where the music pumps and the crowd churns, you can consider those weather worries evaporated. 

So bring it on soggy summer, I’ll be in the dnb tent drying myself off and then skanking out till I'm soggy by self-infliction. I'll be sweaty okay and it will be majestic. Enjoy the tunes and get excited!

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“Giant Killa Bees”
Dominator and Logan D
Low Down Deep

Honk away on some jump uppppp action girls and boys!

“She Knows”
Drum Catcher
Citrus Recordings

Little to shit all information on Drum Catcher bar this -' with a career that started in the Eastern France playing live act Drum & Bass sets, Drumcatcher has a very distinct sound that is described as heavy, complex & emotional.' Mysterious no? Oui, this is worth a listen. I've noticed some good stuff coming out of this label recently and all…

“Hopelessly Coping” (Preditah Remix)

This tune has been on the radar for a while now but has officially dropped now, alongside a bunch of brilliant tweaks on the original. One of which being by his excellence, Preditah (he's on at Fabric this weekend as well if you're keen).

Mindtech Recordings

AKOV - fairly unknown and fairly effing fantastic. Check this tribal beast of a jam out and don't say I didn't tell you so!

“Take Me Away (Andy C Remix)”
DJ S.K.T ft. Rae

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You don't need me to tell you that anything touched by Andy C deserves to be in here.

“Future (Calibre Remix)
Breakage & Madi Lane
Digital Soundboy

Breakage and Calibre - ooh yes. Madi Lane's vocals help turn the whole bundle into a beaut.

“The Reckoning”
A 1000 Days Wasted

Don't waste one more day listening to shit dnb - I suggest starting here and now with this track. Redemption begins today!

“The Giver (Reprise) (Dimension Remix)”
Duke Dumont

Despite this tune being my everyday alarm, I am still very much in love with it and it remains untainted by the feeling of waking up. Yes, basically a gold laced testament. Now there's a dnb edit and I could not be happier...

“Kill The Silence”
The Prototypes ft. Ayah Marar
Viper Recordings

Every track on The Prototypes new album is stonking. You heard me, stonking. This is just one example of brilliance amongst many.

“Where’s The Love Gone” (Lynx Remix)

I wanted to chart this tune but I had a struggle pulling it up anywhere share-friendly on the interwebs...finally snagged that bad boy though...hope you like!

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