Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks – 5.27.15 Chart

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For the first time in the history of my stint as dnb editor, I find myself somewhat speechless and lacking in mindless music related dribble to spout. Well - almost. Think I'll let the picture of Chucky boy above, this weeks resident dnb fan, do the talking for me. You can tell by the sheen of sweat on that bod' and the swell of his guns (those connected to his body) that he gets down to the dnb. If anything, we are an energetic bunch - a frenzied lot - a there till the bitter end kind of crew. I like to think this is what differentiates us from the progressive fist pumpers and the house shufflers. If you're gonna listen to music, might as well enjoy it and own it completely. Throw your shit around and get down like Chuck would do. See if you can't find something that brings out the Chuck Norris in you below....

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“Get Rowdy”
Diffrent Music

Easssssing in to the dnb hot tub here with a tune that is less rowdy than you might initially expect but has all the components of a good time.

"Delirium (The Prototypes Mix)"
Zomboy ft. Rykka 
Never Say Die Records

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Pick of the week - hands down. For the album artwork alone!

"Bear Hug"
Viper Recordings

A bear hug for your ears from relative Viper newcomer, BMotion. Having made his label debut only last year, he's certainly not mucking around in bringing the grizzly on board.

Critical Music

Posij honking away with skill here. He's endorsed by Noisia so you know the man's good!

“Ghost In The Machine”
Dispatch Recordings

Naughty, dark and discreet - like a good game of 7 minutes in Heaven...or something...

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Mefjus & Rido
Blackout Music NL

Oh the build up, it's so creepy and slow it's almost sexy. What comes after is even better though - all the changing up, switching out, wobbles and twizzles you can clang a bangarang at go into this number.

“Lifespan (Spor Remix)”
Virgin EMI

I'm sure you're all familiar with the slippery devil named Spor - he makes light work of this Vaults tune below.

The Prototypes ft. Ayak
Viper Recordings

Said it once, and I'll say it again - this album is an absolute rinser!

“Shudder (Joe Ford Remix)”
Barely Alive ft. Coppa

The only shudders here (other than from inside, when the bass - collides) are due to the Coppa man dishing out chills with his lyricism. Not a bad job from you either Ford!

“Pull Me Under”
Dimension ft. Raphaella
MTA Records

Taking the chart out on a laxed back, vocal pleaser...happy weekend you lot....

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