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Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 5.6.15 Chart

Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 5.3.15 Chart

Tons of good DNB coming out this week lads and ladettes! Just a few more days till the weekend too, and some jerk is playing the Grease Megamix in the background and singing along to boot. Distracting as the thought of John Travolta in leathers is, I'm going to persevere with my track search because this is a wicked week for new stuff. It's pouring from the walls and I am busy bathing in a big old bit of bass. Go get your nut huggers (or alternatively gender appropriate swimwear) on and come take a dip with me. That's an order!

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“Glow Worm”
Matrix & Futurebound
Viper Recordings

I already hold "Don't Look Back" and "Control" dear within a personal cache of songs that mean shit to me. I hope over time to bring "Glow Worm" into the fold. It has a slightly different feel from the aforementioned but bound to please those who like the hard hitters.

"Gambino VIP"
DC Breaks
RAM Records

Soundcloud comments are a little slice of delightful and my fave one of the bunch here is Metropolic, who says "pls upload it to Piratebay' at 0.39. HA! D-bag. Actually, I think the dude at 0.28 gets it right with the short and sweet sum up: PREPARE. 

“All of Us”
Joe Ford
Shogun Audio

I remember someone in a rave bathroom a few months back telling me they put Joe Ford in the time slot they did because he was 'shit'.  I'm somewhat inclined to fire up the DeLorean and head back in time to let that young lady know that she got it so, so, badly wrong. Nice one Joe!

“The Avenger”
Grooverider & Codename John

Enough movie hype, the more energetic of us have got an audio equivalent and it's brought to you by the ledge Grooverider himself - quality!

Lynx feat. Master X
Hospital Records

You could grab a surfboard and ride the sound waves in this Lynx tune. What a rippler!

Etherwood  ft Zara Kershaw
Med School

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Something beautiful for your Sunday. This tune was premiered by Annie Mac on Friday night and, only in my opinion, not quite as haunting as 'You'll Always Be A Part Of Me' but a damn nice tune al the same.

“Outlines (Cyantific Remix)”
Mike Mago & Dragonette

Here's something I didn't know about Cyantific (you know, apart from birthstone, favourite colour, top 5 celebrity dinner guests, leg in-seam details etc...) - he is one of a small group to have released on both Hospital and Ram Records. On ya boy! Trivia talk aside, have a jam on the below...

"Stand High" 
Mind Vortex ft Daniele 

Was tossing up between this or 'Bigger Than That' for the chart this week before noticing that 'Stand High' hasn't had a look in on Beatport yet. Gunning for the little be fair however, nothing Mind Vortex chucks out is going to be small time.

“Never Let You Go”

Hang in there with this one! Had me worried for a second that it might lack the sufficient DNB qualities that would allow me to include this here but should have had faith - c'mon, it's Rudimental! Just in time for the festivals lads - very well timed indeed!

“Shelter” (D&B VIP Mix)
SpectraSoul ft. Lily McKenzie

Dnb don't get much better than this - believe that. This album is dropping on the 7th of June and you better take shelter if you don't fancy hearing me belting on about it for the rest of eternity. Love these guys!

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