Top 10 Electro/Progressive Tracks - 5.10.15 Chart

Top 10 Electro/Progressive Tracks - 5.7.15 Chart


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What is up everyone? Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed some great shows! I have some gnarly tracks for you to check out. From heartfelt progressive tracks to heavy electro beats, this chart should get you some new music to get moving to.

1. "Triax" - More Plastic

This is one I just can't stop listening to! It radiates a old school Knife Party sound, and I love that. If you have not heard of this duo you need to scope them out. This is just one of many tracks they have created. Really unique sound I would say!

2. "Lightning Strikes" - Steve Aoki, Nervo, & Tony Junior

What a massive collaboration on this song right here. This production will do extremly well this summer at festivals, I promise you! Looking forward to hearing what remix's come about from this track.

3. "Angels" - Vicetone (ft. Kat Nestel)

Really loving the funky style to this beat, and especially with Kat's voice. The production is not your average EDM sound, which is always a good thing. The vocalist has such a crispy sound that just fit's perfect with this!

4. "Boss" - HELENA & Vassy

Another great track with beautiful vocals. This track has got massive support from all over, and her production just speaks for itself. Give it a listen!

5. "Dynasty" - Visionare

Visionare is one artist that I have listened to since I first got into EDM. I always loved their raw style with their electro production. Very unique sound since day one, and they manage to still keep it throughout the year's.

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6. "Time to Rave" - The Partysquad & Punish

That dirty dutch sound is just unreal! The Partysquad is back at it, and they returned with this massive creation. If you're a DJ, I highly recommend incorporating this in your sets.

7.   "Show Me Love" - Sam Feldt (EDX's Indian Summer Remix)

This tropical house remix got a makeover from EDX, and is a killer remake. If you have not heard this new rendition of the classic from Robin S, you should really check it out!

8. "Squeezed" - Marco V & Brian Cross 

Really digging this progressive track right now, and I think you will too. Has a good flow to it, euphoric buildup, and great for a party! Out now on Ultra Music.

9. "Alright" - Henrix & Bream Ft. Zashanell 

One of the deeper progressive songs I am into right now. The message behind it is uplifting, accompanied by the melodic chords from Henrix & Bream that just empower it even more. If you are feeling a little down, give this song a click.

10. "Instanta" - Vladimir Nagrebetskiy

This song could categorize for every chart we have I would say, but I think I should feature in mine. I'm a fanatic for weird robotic sounds that typically people would get annoyed by, so if you are feeling crazy.. listen to it!

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