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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 5.29.15 Chart


Magnetic’s Top Indie Dance selections this week are deep, deep, deep. The feels are deep, the vibes are deeper and the roster of talent is the deepest it has ever been. So many people out in the world doing amazing things when it comes to music, so the well of imagination clearly runs deep as well. Oh, and we aren't talking deep house here people. Sure there may be some deep house components, but I am mostly speaking philosophically and sensually. So, get ready to feel it deep inside you this week, this indie dance chart is ready to go off!

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”Gone Too Deep (David Marston Remix)”
Circle ft. Rise 8
Worship Recordings
When I say sultry and lush, does that get you interested? Well, I said it and Dave Marston has delivered the perfect summertime remix that needs to be played on a rooftop, on the beach, or anywhere good times and sunshine are happening.


Sailor & I
The Invention of Loneliness
Sailor & I has such a grace and elegance, it’s hard to capture him in words. He turns a classic Joy Division track here on its head faithfully that is deep, deep, deep.


”Run Run Run (Wrong Island’s Cosmic Plughole Remix)”
The 2 Bears
Southern Fried Records
Just The 2 Bears going on a cosmic 13 minute and 33 second journey, no big deal. As expected, this is a wonderful remix that is out of this world!


I was wondering what was up with my favorite label Kitsune as of late, and when I checked in, Metoux reassured me that the label is stronger than ever. Here is a radical work of urban pop that is soulful and unafraid to tread an exciting path. It also oozes sex and deep emotions, so there’s that too.


”The Best”
Lenno feat. Dragonette
Casablanca Records
How do you like your disco vibes? Small, medium or BIG? Well, I hope you have a discoppetite because Lenno brings big disco with a dash of amazing vocal by Dragonette.


”Discipline (Matt Lange Remix)”
Nine Inch Nails
Matt Lange, you better be careful! If you did anything wrong in the slightest, Trent Reznor will find you and god only knows what he will do if he’s disappointed in you. Just kidding, this Nine Inch Nails remix is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It stays very true to the essence of NIN, but also demonstrating Matt Lange as bold musician who really made a track that perfectly embodies indie dance!

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Ardency & Patrick Zappia feat. John Tabler
Prep School Recordings
Some of my favorite up-and-comers return with their biggest tune to date. Here’s what they have to say about it: “With this song, we took a step in the direction that we've been trying to develop for a long time now. Ardency was always envisioned to be a live project, our songs are written to be enjoyed in a live performance setting. We present Foxfire in anticipation of our fully immersive live show, including live music and live custom visuals.”


”I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List”
DJ Koze
DJ Koze worked up a hip hop instrumental for his upcoming DJ-Kicks compilation, and it’s top notch. The vocal manipulations here, as well as the breakbeat orchestral rework, are real strong. All smiles and the best feels ever coming from the quirky master that is DJ Koze!


”Low Pressure”
Wild & Free
RIS Labs
A release that I personally was hotly anticipating has finally been released by the amazing RIS Labs. When I first heard this song, the vocals gave me a Phil Collins vibe, and that’s a damn fine vibe! Get ready to get down to this one ladies and gentelmen. It's just blissful nu-disco!


”Make A Baby”
ATTLAS x Aphex Twin
When the mysterious and cinematically inspired ATTLAS remixes a god, it proves he himself is in fact a god. ATTLAS does something wonderful to Aphex Twin’s “Make A Baby” and emboldens ATTLAS’ status as the hottest up and comer to come out of mau5trap since… since ATTLAS!

Mix of the Week

BLOND:ISH Live at Desert Hearts
The two blonde haired maestros did Desert Hearts proud and thank god someone was recording!

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