Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 5.7.15 Chart


We return with yet another top Indie Dance chart! Praise good music! To reimagine, rethink, rework, or to put it bluntly, remix is a special thing. We all thought it was good one way, but why not try it another? That is the major theme this week with bold remixes for your consideration and adulation. So, remix your own perspective and get ready for the weekend with an indie dance chart that praises the re-interpretive spirit.

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”你自己的路 Tonight”
Here you go. Some Future R&B to get you all sorts of hot and bothered. Floria is a cat from down under, and so you know he’s a talent. Buyer beware, this tune bangs in the right moments. Floria is working something out here.


Tiga Vs Boys Noize
Turbo Recordings
Yes, it’s techno, but when you have techno titans finally collaborating, it’s a match made in heaven and you have to scream it from the high heavens! Get ready to hear this song anywhere and everywhere when you are out and about. It’s absolutely ONE HUNDRED.


”Bang That”
Island Records
The boys are back in town! Sure, a lot of people are saying it’s not their finest, but it’s a little taste to tide you over until the album. This is a strong Disclosure DJ set selection for sure. Never forget these boys have top notch taste and talent well beyond their live acts and album.


”How Hard It Is”
Outblack feat. Lenparrot
Simply magical. Simply powerful. Simply sexy. There is a sad dramatic 80’s movie out there that is absolutely incomplete without this ballad. One of the better emotive crescendos I have heard in a while. Outblack does an effective job of upping the energy but maintaining a delicacy.


”Janeiro (Cosmic Kids Remix)”
Six Degree Records
So I missed this remix that came out 8 months ago, but I am making up for lost time. The Cosmic Kids are some of the best kids out of LA that I have ever encountered. They infuse everything with a fun disco vibe that is unparalleled, and that magic touch is absolutely everywhere in this remix.

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”Sweat (DJ Tennis & Margot Remix)”
Sailor & I
What is it with this Sailor & I guy? He seems to be the absolute favorite singer to remix by heavy hitters like Ame and DJ Tennis. Maybe it’s because he makes some of the best music around, and that voice is just perfect.


”Unconditionally (Holy Ghost! Balaeric Dub)”
Katy Perry
Yeah, you read that right, this is a Katy Perry song. Don’t go crazy and cut off your hipster mun, settle down, it’s a Holy Ghost! remix of Katy Perry. Yeah, so now are you interested? I know I am, and I’ll say no more other than LISTEN TO THIS.


”In Da Kar (FSQ Remix)”
Funkadelic & Soul Clap ft. Sly Stone
Soul Clap Records
A very special remix of an even more special song. You’ve got Geroge Clinton, Sly Stone and Soul Clap all coming together to redo a solid tune. Get ready to get funked. Also, toss some money Soul Clap’s way for the music video they are working on.


”Vultures (Maya Jane Coles Remix)”
She is queen of applying a beautiful shade of dark to just about anything. Maya Jane Coles takes Vaults on a wonderfully shadowy journey in this remix. It’s like a beachside dance party on the river Styx in the underworld.


”From The Basement to the Roof (Oliver Remix)”
Club Cheval
I have been missing Oliver for a minute, masters of all things nu-disco and electro. Oliver throws their two cents on french quartet Club Cheval’s latest work. It’s much more subtle than Oliver’s usual work, and that’s refreshingly good.

Mix of the Week

Daniel T.'s Highway Mirages Mix
One half of Cosmic Kids did a special mix, and I’ll be honest, any mix I hear of Daniel T.’s, it is something notable. So, make note and love it!


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