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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 5.21.15 Chart

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Top 10 Techno Tracks 5/19/15 - Chart

What’s up Magnetic Magazine readers! I know, I missed you all too. I am sorry for going radio silent the past two weeks but I hope to make it up to you with this week’s top 10 techno chart. It has been too long so let’s get straight to the music shall we? Enjoy!


"Le Nombre D'or (Matt Minimal Remix)"
Jean Agoriia
[RedMoon Recordings]
The futuristic stabs and rock steady shuffling percussion keep the dance floor going in this remix from Matt Minimal. He took the original dark, grinding, brooding warehouse techno track by Agoriia (which is worth a listen too) and gave it a more tech house feel.


“Bleak Sensation”
Alex Costa
[KD Raw]
This is the fourth release for Kaiserdisco’s newest imprint, KD Raw, and it definitely delivers on the promise of raw tracks. This gritty, dark, ominous track has looming pads that keep you on your toes while the pounding bass keeps your feet moving.


“Her Dub Material”
Nicole Moudaber
Mood label boss, Nicole Moudaber, drops some dub in the mix with her latest single appropriately named “Her Dub Material.” It is a great track for getting the party started with its mellow echoing synths and stabs that evolve with bubbling energy.


“Bona Feed”
Cliff Lothar
Recently released on digital, this track was on the B-side of Cliff Lothar’s latests release on Omnidisc, Soul Plonk. “Bona Feed” has a playful and delicate energy as it unfolds into an everlasting fractal. It keeps expanding and building until you find yourself in the middle of a serious groove, and then it quickly disperses like the morning sun cutting through the darkness.


Tiga VS Boys Noize
[Turbo Recordings]
Earlier this year I featured the Boys Noize remix of Tiga's "Bugatti" and now we have the latest collab between the two. "100" feels like a follow up track to "Bugatti" with a touch of that Boys Noize 303 acid flavor added to the mix. This groovy track will have the ladies and fellas keeping it 100 on dancefloors around the world.

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“1983 (Street Dance)”
Riva Starr
[Snatch! Records]
This track was too hot to hold on to, so Riva dropped it along with 2 other tracks from the upcoming Snatch! Records Square Pegs, Round Holes – 5 years of Snatch! compilation. What better way to celebrate the future by creating a jacking retro groover that proves some things just never go out of style. With massive amounts of support for the three tracks out now, the full release (dropping May 24th) should be packed with even more fire.


“Two Birds”
Kolsch is killing it with his latest track DerDieDas off his Kompakt release Speicher 84. As of now it is #15 on the beatport top 100 downloaded techno tracks. “Two Birds” has a beautiful, gentle, melody and vocal samples that cut through the air like a birdsong while the drums and percussion keep the foundation solid throughout the track.


“Kepler 186F”
Terranova released their full length album, Restless, last week. We haven’t gotten an LP from Terranova since their 2012 Hotel Amour and it was worth the wait. It is choc full of quality grooving techno and house. “Kepler 186F” is a powerful minimal track that wrangles and manipulates energy with blooming bass, dubbed effects, shouts and soulful vocal samples.


[Last Night On Earth]
Here is an artist who needs no introduction, Sasha. “Ether” is his latest single out on his own imprint, Last Night On Earth. Sasha has captured the essence of ether in this track with his masterful arrangement of the airy effects and slowly evolving melodies. I love the vocal sample too, it is aggressive with its approach yet still soft when it hits.


“Stone Flower”
Adam Beyer
This track is pure techno power. Drumcode boss, Adam Beyer, dropped his Stone Flower EP a few weeks ago and the title track quickly climbed and is now (as of writing this) sitting at the number 1 spot on the Beatport techno top 100. It is a beastly, no nonsense techno track with expertly arranged drops and effects. The entire EP is high quality techno and I highly recommend having a listen, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading everyone! Below is the full playlist for your enjoyment. I will see you next week on for another top 10 techno tracks of the week, but for now keep moving to these selections.

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