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Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - 5.1.15 Chart

Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - 5.1.15 Chart


Photo by Clarissa Wong

You’ll have to excuse my absence, I’ve been wandering the desert for three weeks trying to figure out the ultimate dance move. Still haven’t fine-tuned it quite yet, guess I’ll just have to keep on the hunt next year.

I did learn something out there though, I love experiencing music with my friends and family more than anything. It could be as simple as sharing a Soundcloud link, finding that unexpected tune at an unexpected show or basking in the brilliance of your favorite artist’s set—sharing music in any way brings us closer.

I’ve been really enjoying sitting back and watching my compadres experience it all. Whether we’re sprawled out on the lawn radiating in the sun and sound, going full-strobe mode under the disco glow or catching that slow slinking groove fever (you know what I’m talking about GT) it is fantastic seeing everyone just get lost in it.

All the great artists evolve, as do all the great listeners. The music itself, your tastes in it, your experiences in it and the relationships you build through it all continually grow. Over the last few months I’ve been introduced to a ton of new sounds and artists that I’m really feeling and this is the space I get to share it with you all. Please keep sending me tracks and I’ll try and paint a picture of them the best I can. I promise to lay it all out as long as you do the same.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


"Higher (Lakechild Remix)"
Cajsa Siik
Lakechild just shines like the sun glimmering on breaking waves and this time around they bring light to an incredible Swedish siren in Cajsa Siik. They discovered the captivating singer and took her infectious voice and incredible beat and gave it some bigger wings. Wherever this groove cruise is headed count me in.


"On My Way (Kungs Remix)"
Axwell Ingrosso
Def Jam Recordings
There is a certain core to a song that the right remixer can hold onto but achieve a totally different feeling. Kungs is one of the most crisp soundmakers in the hustle and he’s taken a fireworks symphony by Axwell Ingrosso and captured the beauty of it with a little less noise. It pleases me that the Swedish duo commissioned this as an official remix, not the first tropical take on one of their new tracks surprisingly. It seems that many of the big room boomers are looking for a chiller vibe to their anthems as the summer quickly approaches…


"Let It Carry You (Dino Soccio Remix)"
Jose Gonzalez
We chill it live. Packed with a slate of live guitar and percussion to remix with, the swiss army instrumentalist and producer Dino Soccio has painted this lover of a song with liquid groove. The masterful singer and guitarist Jose Gonzalez certainly is a popular boy at the dance with roaming remixes flying in from the likes of Holy Ghost! and this LA native.


"Headlights (The Him Remix)"
Robin Schulz
We need a little pep in our step these days and The Him is prescribing a healthy dose of smiling with this uplifting soulful stimulator. Robin Schulz’s new tune deserves a solid remix by a fellow melodic powerhouse and the duo out of Amsterdam have brought their peaceful lifestyle to the decks. This isn’t artificial sweetener that I am hearing mixed into this beautiful brew, The Him live the way they make their music.


"Wait For Love"
Solar Heist
Now this is a jam. With an echoing vocal and driving beat, you can’t help but feel like you’re in a neon lit film charging into the night. The zipping synth, crashing piano chords and bewitching spaghetti western guitar assemble to paint this cinematic picture by Solar Heist and it makes me feel like a badass. Instrumentalist producer Marcus Brown brings the pop to these LA producers first single from their upcoming EP Day Trip and the boys achieve a sound that reminds me of a more danceable Justice.

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"Night Moves"
It’s been too long my friend. Hearing this was like biting into my first double double at In-N-Out when I got back from studying abroad. After an 18 month hiatus from new originals, Roosevelt is back and just in time for the long days and warm nights. His voice howls out strong in this one, the deep disco beat is full of enticing dark synths, and the entire thing fully fleshes out around the 2:30 mark. The dance party eruption that will ensue will be unforgettable I promise.


Big Wild
Foreign Family Collective
Big Wild continues to thrive in his productions and watching him create his own unique sound is something that needs to be recognized by all. Flume, get this guy on tour with you. Everytime I hear his music I imagine elephants raging around a room together, trunks flying all over the place. Its got this electric primal element to it that gets your whole body thrown into it. This time there is a strong eastern edge to the track with scatting vocals and basslines that will get your pachyderm party going. Grab tickets and go see him out at the Echo LA tonight!


"Call It Love (If You Want To) feat. Lawrence Hart"
George Fitzgerald
Double Six Records
I put this album on earlier this week for the first time. The sun was setting, reflecting fire pink and dark purple hues off the buildings downtown. The freeways of Los Angeles were eerily vacant, a rare open playground for a soundtrack like this to take full form. The whole thing just consumed me and when I found myself home and the album not done, I just kept driving until it was. Maybe it was the perfect way to hear this album, romanticizing a city and making me really see and feel its curves as I burned down its streets.

The German producer has made something that is dark and mysterious but approachable in some of its lighter dance pop arrangements and featured vocals. It reminds me of or at least evokes the same feeling of listening to my favorites - Darkside, Jamie XX and Disclosure. This kind of first impression is startling and after a few more listens it wasn’t just a one off feeling. Go grab or stream the album after you listen to this single, you won’t be disappointed.


"Cheer Up, My Brother"
Soul sweet as a Sunday afternoon. This is maybe my favorite selection on the chart this week mostly for the people it makes me think of. There is a nostalgic level to it, making my mind wander to beautiful days with lovers and loved ones. It is soft and palatable in its simple percussion and strings, giving the singer even more power in her radiating voice. Sweden’s HNNY has said this is his first single off an upcoming album that I can’t wait to sink into all summer.


"Country Mile"
KRONO & Johnny Flynn
Let’s get in the car and go somewhere. Turn this song on full blast, role down the windows, close your eyes and get breezy. Krono’s edit of Johnny Flynn’s folk strummer is a perfect pulse to the summer of 2015, the summer of adventure. It doesn’t have to be traveling across the world, little one day trips escaping the hustle is all I challenge you to. Find your travel companions, grab a case of beer and a tent and go find a spot where you can see the milkyness in the star filled sky. This mellow house vibe is the perfect compliment on the road to everywhere and nowhere and I wanna hear about where it takes you so give me a shout.

Full Chart. Groove on…

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