Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 5.15.15

Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 5.15.15

Scrappin, yellin, mixin it up. Lovin every minute with this damn crew. The wise reflective words of Royal speak true to this gang of brutish beats ready to charge into the weekend. We all have that crew of wild things that will follow any one of each other into battle and it’s amigos like these that you’ll get in the most trouble with but have the best damn time too. This week we are diving head first into uncharted waters with some deep house dancefloor combustors and daytime disco and paradise spiked grooves that will make that sun shine a little brighter. These tunes are gettin a little rowdy so I won’t hold them back. Let’s get after it.

Oh, one last thing. Today is 5.15.15 which is the only day this year if you flipped backwards would be the same thing. I think that's pretty cool. Wouldn't you agree tacocat?

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


"The Music"
Gigamesh is unleashing those feels that taste better than maple syrup on blueberry pancakes or a freshly opened pack of dunkaroos. I can’t help but smile when this song really starts shining and The Music the song celebrates is just getting better and better.


"2AM (Matoma Remix)"
Astrid S
Matoma’s finest work yet. He launches the very simple beat to hot heights with a rattlin and tappin percussive backdrop that keeps it fresh and a glowing synthy pulse to get your blood pumpin. I especially appreciate the electronic violin breakdown; I’m not sure why but I do. Astrid S commands your attention with a soothing sexy vocal that reminds me of Rihanna and Lauren Mayberry of CHRVCHES. Together these two sunrising artists have made the first true fire track for your summer setlist and I expect speakers everywhere to be blasting your sunscreen off with it over Memorial Day weekend.


"Prints of Whales (Ft. PB Kaya)"
Shoutout to Prince Charles. I just wanted to relay that message from TACHES’ Soundcloud caption. We got a bonafied deep house bumper on our hands and this kind of synth lathered full rack of riffs is getting bodies sweatin and scootin on that dancefloor. What worked with PB Kaya on the alluring “Yours” succeeds even stronger in the second take and social media mentions of a collab with Anabel Englund promises this UK crusher has more great work ahead.


Petit Biscuit
Petit Biscuit is back with a daymaker track to be enjoyed with great friends and a wanderlust attitude. I’m imagining all the beautiful beaches in Europe that he’s traveled to resulting in a track with big eyes on beautiful people and places. I appreciate when any DJ plays their own instrumentals on a track and the relaxed beachy guitar is a testament to the full range artist Petit Biscuit is. The skipping and rewound female singer gives it a sexy hue but it’s really the production that shines.


"Smooth Criminal (N2N Remix)"
Michael Jackson
Finally somebody gives MJ a trop touch worth a damn. And I said God damn, God DAMN. Right around that 1:30 mark this track unleashes the fury with a dumptruck of bassline and a vocoded chorus that you’re gonna need to just bust some strong Michael moves to. The layering of the vocals, light sax touch and perfectly placed heavy hitting moments gives this track potential to be played on the sun drenched beach or in the most fired up club. Preferably I’d want a combo of the two.

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"90210 feat. G-Eazy (Matt DiMona Remix)"
Sexy like champagne chased with a chocolate strawberry this remix is liquid sex. Blackbear has one of the most igniting voices in music and his original featuring rapper G-Eazy is upgraded to the deep house deluxe package by Matt DiMona. Lustful nights under the LA club and dimmed street lights comes to mind for me but I’ll let your mind wander to somewhere wonderful all your own.


"Swimming Pool"
Yuma X
We all have those places and people engrained in our minds that we go back to when a song plays. The night erupts and everything in our world pauses for a wild moment that you can’t ever forget. The song’s title might give you a few ideas and it certainly makes you float off to those beautiful times. Yuma X is a mystery to me at this point but this first timer will have me coming back for more.


"Imposter feat. Mark Johns"
Next Wave Records
We all love the chase and Bearson has achieved that from his listeners. The Norwegian producer keeps us waiting for his next track and delivers something that we can never expect. He’s teamed up with one of the best new voices in music Mark Johns and their symmetry is gorgeous. Her voice blends with the song so well and it’s her most laid back feature so far. I have to give shouts to both of them for creating their own unique sound in a crowded space of summer hungry artists. The watermelon warrioress Johns has collaborated with some of the best producers in the game so far and Bearson has evolved in his sound with this featured beauty and most flourishing productions to date.


"Lucia (John Talabot Sunset edit)"
Sometimes its just nice to stop in your tracks, listen to a song in your headphones and appreciate that place you’re in. Music has the innate ability to transport but I think the way it accentuates a moment is far more powerful. This is the groove incarnate of a song and wherever you hear it will blossom into a far more lush beast than what once was. John Talabot is the man behind the curtain and he’s giving you the courage, brain and heart to follow whatever colored road you’re walking down.


"One More Time (Dr Packer Rework)”
George Benson
Sometimes you have to stay up and share songs over wine/coffee with a fellow music lover in London and sometimes they show you the last puzzle piece of your chart for the week. Cue soundtrack for the weekend. Dr Packer of the Aussie variety takes George Benson and twirls him around for a lesson in deep disco tango with love on the mind and groove in the tude. With cares on the backburner and disco lights on the palms of your raised hands the weekend is upon us and I want you all to thank the Doc for getting us there.

Full Chart. Groove on…

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