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Tumblr Account Calls Out Male Dominated Lineups

Tumblr Account Calls Out Male Dominated Linueps

In the past few years, the discussion over female DJ's and producers has been a hot one, and for good reason. There's no denying the facts: dance music is driven primarily by males, and in 2015 that issue has reached a boiling point. We seem to be on the verge of major change, but it's still below the surface.

Females in the industry are joining together, speaking out, and truly proving their undeniable place in the world of electronic music. There's no shortage of female DJ's and producers who are equally talented, but lineups around the world continue to be driven by males. It's been a hot topic on blogs lately, and a subject everyone has on their lips. The video below is a perfect example.

A recently surfaced Tumblr account calls action to this very subject, aptly titled A Very Male Line-Up. This account seeks is "highlighting all or mostly male club/gig/festival line-ups and helping bromoters do better." That's right, bromoters. We don't need to explain the phrase, but this page is just another step in the pursuit of a more balanced dance world. There is even a Twitter account bringing more attention to the Tumblr and this issue.

Below you can view some of the recent lineups on the Tumblr account, all laden with an image of Rihanna giving a face that sarcastically implies "really great job guys look what you did" with a thumbs up. That part comes across as comical, but the issue at hand is no joke.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.22.50 AM


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View The Full Tumblr: Here

Article Source: Pulse Radio

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