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U2 Guitarist The Edge Literally Fell Off An Edge While Performing

U2 Guitarist The Edge Literally Fell Of A Ledge While Performing

This is for everyone that still can't stand the sight of that ridiculous U2 album that won't come off your iPhone no matter how hard you try. It just sits there and mocks your existence. Like you spent years accumulating this perfect look for what music sits on your iPhone. You only have so much space, so choose wisely.

Then U2 comes and just stares at you. Apparently there is some crazy Internet way to remove the thing, but nobody has time for that. While performing in Vancouver last night, U2 was belting out their 1987 sing along "I still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," when things took an unexpected turn.

They still perform this song almost 30 years later, so it's clear that they truly still haven't found what they are looking for or we would have assumed they would have stopped playing it. Apparently guitarist The Edge was thinking about how he still hadn't found what he was looking for, when he...wait for it...fell of an edge.

Not a metaphorical edge, but like a real edge. And to be honest he kind of just straight walked off the thing. People were freaked out and confused, and you hear someone say "Did he actually just do that?" Yes, he actually did. Bono keeps on belting the lyrics, and then we get a close up which is really the icing on the cake.

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Don't worry though. The Edge will be fine and ended up finding a bottle of champagne, which could have been one of the things he was still looking for when he fell off. We are glad he is fine, but now can this U2 album fall of the edge of existence and leave our iPhones?

"Didn't see the edge, I'm ok!! #U2ieTour

A photo posted by U2 Official (@u2) on May 15, 2015 at 12:28am PDT

Source: Noisey

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