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UZ bio

The question on the minds of most trapaholics is: “Who is this masked homie?” UZ is not a person, it’s an entity. Like the newly metamorphosed trap music, UZ is a being of the Internet: living online, speaking in code, and otherwise only known from the glow of a computer screen. Even with the endless amounts of access the world has to artists now, he’s managed to remain hidden — the Banksy of the music world. UZ’s identity may be the best-kept secret in electronic music circles to date. To add to the confusion, a wave of artists and celebrities have claimed the moniker for themselves, from Dave Nada to AC Slater to Jessie Andrews. Effectively we’re all a bit UZ; he can be whomever we want him to be. Also, his mask puts him in the running for sweetest stage gimmick, alongside MSTRKRFT and the afro-sporting dude from LMFAO. Never lost in the mystery and controversy surrounding UZ is the fact that the producer has steadily released a series of non-stop bangers. UZ’s soundcloud page has become a major stop for fans and peers alike. Tracks such as the classic “ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ† √6″ and his remix of Foreign Beggars’ “Goon Bags” showcase UZ’s ability to expertly manipulate the trap format into a tense, haunting vehicle for creeping melodies and dark atmospheres. Whether concocting beats in the studio or bringing his unique brand of tricked-out trap to stages across the country—from Webster Hall in NYC to the Palladium in Hollywood—UZ is poised to carry out a scene-wide coup de trap.

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