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Watch Richie Hawtin Perform Live Techno In 1990

Watch Richie Hawtin Perform Live Tehcno In 1990

Techno legend Richie Hawtin has come a long way in his illustrious career since starting in the early 90's, but this recently resurfaced video clip proves he was always about innovation. Under the name Cybersonik with Daniel Bell, we get a seven minute video clip that shows the two performing at Industry Nightclub outside of Detroit.

Hawtin states on his Facebook: "In those days we'd perform with a small selection of drum machines, synths & early samplers to play a selection of songs from the early PLUS8 catalog...usually we'd play tracks from "‪FUSE"‬ and ‪‎"CircuitBreaker"‬ (the track you hear in this video), and always lead up to Cybersonik's first "underground" hit, ‪"‎Technarchy‬!"

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It certainly showcases how far the idea of a live performance has come with the rise of USB's and CDJ's, but also highlights for much of the younger generation what was going on around the time we were born. I know personally I was born in 1990 when this performance took place, setting the table for the scene that would eventually become my life.

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