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Zedd Is On Tinder: Would You Swipe Right?


Zedd has been busting out all the stops lately for the release of True Colors. This included throwing an exclusive underwater party, taking fans to the desert and grand canyon, and then lighting up the Empire State Building, which you can watch below. This was all pretty unique and original, but then next thing you know Zedd is popping up on Tinder as a promotional campaign.

In his profile, he states that you can match with him to hear his album, and swipe right to automatically be entered to win a bunch of packages. The biggest question really is, what happens if you swipe left? Do we still get to hear the album, or is that kind of a slap to Zedd's face?

Do any lucky fans get to "Stay The Night" if they swipe right fast enough? Or like one lucky fan will get to have dinner with Zedd and see his true colors. He's been all about the intimate fan promotions, but this would be the ultimate test in intimate promotions. Would you swipe right or nah?

And in all honesty, Tinder is for people hopelessly looking for love or a one night stand or a combination of the two. Zedd is too good looking for most and is cheapening the system. It's like putting a really nice house next to a not so nice house and the older not so nice house doesn't look so good anymore. Save some for the common people Zedd.

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Final thoughts and we are sorry we haven't stopped. Do you think this promotion is also on Grindr, or did they just limit this to Tindr? Because too be honest that doesn't seem fair if they only picked one.


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