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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 6.5.15 Chart


Ihave a music rival at work. He sits opposite me and he DJs - so far, so fine. But see here- boy loves house. When he arrives in the morning, I can hear the telltale tsss tsss from his headphones and see him rocking the finger bop. All relatively inoffensive right? However, after we attended the same festival this weekend, I was goaded into a post festival dnb debate. House child reckons no one can dance to dnb. A statement I find utterly and completely busted.

Particularly after witnessing the spectacular moves many were pulling in the Hospo tent and taking into account the throbbing of my calves for past three days. Hey, I got no problem with house but I do know that if you want to get down with the drum and bass, you gotta pick up the energy a few BPM notches. Wouldn't have it any other way. So without further ado, Whack up that pace with a belter from the selections below!

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“Ashes Away”
Titan Records

Most excellent tune at work here!  A futuristic bent, mixed with a dark bash away beat and an oddly uplifting veneer. Which makes this description sound like an ad for furniture polish. Which you will need once you start jumping around in your lounge to this track. Just saying.

Dub Motion
Titan Records

Brilliant track from a man who there is little to eff all information about on the internet...this needs to change, kid is blowing up!

“Happy Mode”
Current Value
Bad Taste

This offering from Current Value takes a little while to get shredding but once it does, good times ON.

Coppa & Cooh
Comanche Records

God knows I dig an angry little rager and upon taking a squiz at the excellent upcoming LP from Coppa, An Act of Aggression, I got caught on this furious track in particular.

“Drop That”
Lynx ft. Master
Hospital Records

Big love for Lynx in the dnb sphere judging by the Twitter notifications that keep blinking up about the release of I Am Lynx. After a listen myself I can see why - this LP is leaving no doubt as to who this guy is. Quality jam here.

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“Time Traveller”
Sub Zero ft. DJ Limited

There's a journey intertwined throughout this song I feel...who knows if I've got that right but I think there's definitely a story at the very least.

“I On U”
Digital Soundboy

Loads of feels in this one…get U on IT.

“Long Gone”
Calyx & TeeBee
RAM Records

I don't know what else to say about this except that it is absolutely unreal. Calyx & TeeBee are back!!

Direct Recordings

Super Mario with some serious teeth.

“All What You Want”
Fokuz Recordings

Jazzatron - either the most chilled of the Transformers or an Italian drum and bass duo. Whoever's behind this tune, they've got the laxed vibes down to a fine art.

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