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10 Unforgettable Memories From EDC Las Vegas



Photo Courtesy of Marc van der Aa, Insomniac Events

Was it just a week ago we were shouting "Rave Day!" from every end of the Las Vegas strip, piling up in shuttles and making our way to the speedway? Was it all a dream or was that week under the blazing desert sun our reality? Las Vegas was once again the international hub for modern day counter culture and EDC was our bubble of perfection; one week ago today we were singing, dancing and congregating under the electric sky as one united group of lovers and dreamers.

We see things a little bit differently than most, weirdness is the basis by which we live our life. Celebrating EDC Las Vegas' 5th birthday was the mission, and after a week of pool shenanigans, new friends, and three days of nonsensical magic, it's safe to say we came, we raved, we conquered.

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Over 400,000 like-minded individuals from every corner of the world came together for one common cause over the three-day celebration, acknowledging the beauty of life! Insomniac's highly regarded production value was once again top-notch, from the stages to the rides, the characters to the art cars, everything that entered the speedway was transformed into something magnificent.

When an event has the ability to bring you in, make you question reality and leave you with an abundance of joy - you know you've hit the dreamland jackpot. While I could go on and on about the hundreds of little memories that contributed to a weekend I will not soon forget, these are ten ultra vivid moments worthy of sharing with you.

10. We Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue

So, let's talk about Mr. Tesla Dude for a second because he deserves a standing ovation after the eyelids he peeled back over all three nights. He controlled electricity with his hands, then proceeded to control it with a staff. Then some sticks. Then his mind. We trippy mane.

9. That One Time Heisenberg Said "Say My Name" And 50,000 People Complied

Remember that emotional clip in the EDC Experience movie when a heartfelt moment was had by trance legends Above & Beyond? Pressing the button has become somewhat of an EDM squad goal, a trophy if you will. Well, that trophy just got owned by Walter White. Yeah, blue meth dude. Heisenberg graced the Above & Beyond stage with his presence to press the coveted button. Pretty boss move. #longliveheisenberg

Breaking Bad Takes Over EDC During Above & Beyond

8. When Shannon Saunders Seduced Everyone At The Basspod During Wilkinson's Set

Let's just be clear, Wilkinson owned the Basspod stage during their set. Drum and Bass is alive my friends! But when Shannon Saunders stepped center stage and took over our senses with her live rendition of "Breathe," she practically owned us all. That voice. That vibe. Even if you absolutely hate DNB, you fell in love with this moment.


7. The Holy Grail Of International Electronic Music Pride. Bassnectar for President

There's so much win going on with Bassnectar, every damn time. When you can pack your stage on every side and fill the stands in front of you, you've made it. Blood, sweat, tears and a lot of 420 friendly vibes were present for the midnight magic that took over Saturday's Cosmic Meadow. The music, the vibes, the bass, the man. You're a winner, Sir.


6. The Terrifyingly Tantalizing Doctor Octopus De Fuego

We don't care that it's 114 degrees at 2:00 am, WE WANT FIRE! Straight from the playa to the speedway, this magnificent fire breathing Octo-Bot could be found just about anywhere at any given time. Mad Max had to have been driving this crazy art installment -- move away or feel the burn!


5. The Anarchy That Was The Wasteland Stage

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What does Sid Vicious have in common with Wasteland? Anarchy. Straight fucking debauchery. The wasteland stage was encrypted with a powerful message - take no shit from anyone. Stand up and fight. The containers, the post-apocalyptic Lady Liberty, the fire and the radioactive waste... it was perfect symbolism. Wasteland was more than a stage, it was a message. Well played, Insomniac. #SURVIVALOFTHEFITTEST



Photo Courtesy of Alive Coverage, Insomniac Events

4. When you Meet 100 New Friends Over Some Plastic Beads 

You know, Kandi is a part of our culture, and it always will be. Sure, they're just little plastic beads - but just as when we walk into the event and transform, so do these silly little beads. They transform into a piece of art, into a life story, into a memory. While other event companies are banning the likes of Kandi and all the kids that go along with it, Insomniac is embracing the symbol of our culture, and we love it.



Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Britt, Insomniac Events

5. When DJ Jazzy Jeff took over the Funk House and brought electronic dance music back to the turntables

The Funk House stage was probably the best thing Insomniac has ever done. Don't ever throw an event without it, cool? DJ Jazzy Jeff has been long regarded for his turntablism, his musical genius and his love for everything that goes boom. In one hour, he brought dance music back to the decks. In just one single set, he gave us everything that is missing in the dance music industry today. The King has returned.

4. "I'm A little Teapot, Tall And Bright Watch Me Rock The Discotheque All Damn Night"

Another art installment debuted at Black Rock City, decompression and Lightning in a Bottle - the string of decorative teapots adorned the grounds of EDC for your stellar visual entertainment. Although, watching people climb the ladders to get inside the teapots was likely some of the best entertainment of the weekend. Nevertheless, these bad boys were full of trinkets and little surprises.



Photo Courtesy of Skyler Greene, Insomniac Events

3. Everyone Parties, But Not Everyone Likes To Party With Substances

Insomniac consciousness group is something that doesn't get the credit it deserves. Some of us like to party a little harder than others and sometimes that involves substances - we don't judge! Finally, we're starting to see the rise of sobriety circles inside of events for those who choose abstinence or still want to have some fun during their walk to sobriety. Insomniac provides a safe space for those individuals and I can't honestly think of anything better than that. Hats off to you!

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Photo Courtesy of Insomniac Events Official Website

2. Gaia, The Soul Suckers Of Trance Emerged In The Night

Love it or hate it, Trance is forever embedded in dance music culture. Gaia is the epitome of Trance... Hooded and superseded by dark vibes, darker beats and soulful chaos, this duo easily represents the dementors of EDM. Gaia transformed the Circuit Grounds into something we've never witnessed before; beautiful controlled chaos. We vibed together and melted together under the influence of euphoric sounds. In that moment, we were truly one body; mesmerized by the power of music.

1. The best part of Electric Daisy Carnival? The energy.

Every year we experience something different, the artists change, the stages change and the movement changes. One thing that remains true to EDC, regardless of where it is held or which circumstances it encounters is the energy created within. For 20 years EDC has been powered by the love of music and the gathering of people. The vibrancy, the energy and the passion that goes into this event is the greatest high I've ever felt. Ravers don't die, we multiply. The evolution of Electric Daisy Carnival is a force field, it's magnetic.

EDC Final_EDC2015

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