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5 Reasons To Ditch Vegas And Head To What The Festival

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For most people, the primary festival that occurs during the closing weeks of June is Electric Daisy Carnival. This is what people look forward to all year long, grinding to take care of their payment plan, figuring out what rave gear will look best, and making tough decisions on what DJs you will be seeing. That's cool, but we kind of have our own thing.

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There's an ancient expression that says "If you having festival problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but EDC ain't one." In fact, we don't have any problems when June 19th-22nd rolls around, because that is What The Festival time. Nestled about an hour and a half East of Portland there is a small city by the name of Dufur, and just outside of that is a magical place called Wolf Run Ranch.

It's finally here — check out the 2015 What The Festival lineup! Get your tickets here:

Posted by What The Festival on Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It's the Lightning in a Bottle festival mentality meets luscious Oregon wilderness, and we can guarantee it's the only place where you can watch world-class artists rock a pool party in the forest with a mountain in the background. The festival sits comfortably around 5,000 people, always growing slowly in regards to the experience, but never straying from that intimate and homey experience.

Do your thing at EDC people, but here are five reasons we will be trekking north to WTF this year. You can still purchase tickets on their official website if you decide to make a last second dart to Dufur, and also check out the full lineup below to see just how stacked it really is.


1. Splash Pool Stage

Instead of trying to balance your Vegas schedule and purchase tickets to individual pool parties, What The Festival has its very own Splash Pool stage. This means at any point during the day you can just wake up and run over to the pool to dance and splash and do all kinds of things that aren’t sitting in a hotel room waiting for everyone else to get ready. Plus if you party a little too hard and need to take a lil’ siesta before the nighttime action, you don’t have to worry about missing the car to event because hey, you never leave the event.

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2. The Illuminated Forest

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When the sun sets, grab some friends and get lost or found in the woods surrounding the venue. Spend hours exploring The Illuminated Forest, made up of over 50 lit up art pieces curated by Ghost Stage Productions. Then head back during the day, and see everything in a different light so to speak. Not to mention the giant spiderweb like rope nest. Bask in that for a few hours, and just let time slip.

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3. The Lineup

Yes, EDC may have booked everyone as per usual (well everyone not playing HARD Summer), But WTF is pulling in a mighty impressive lineup itself. Heavy hitters like Big Gigantic, Odesza, GRiZ and Justin Martin aren't to be missed, along with artists like Tokimonsta, Snakehips, Sweater Beats and Wave Racer who make music tailor made to enjoy during the summer. Then there's no shortage of upcoming talent, so don't forget to explore and discover something new.

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4. Movement Classes

If you’re like me or Ricky Bobby and have no idea what to do with your body, then WTF has got your back. They offer a wide variety of movement classes that range from yoga to dance, poi, hoop, capoeira, and something called Booty Luv that we are defiantly gonna be at. All in preparation to loosen your body and mind up for days of shaking and breaking dancing. Just noticed they also have a K-Pop dance class. Trying to control my excitement.

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5. The Venue

To reiterate, Wolf Run Ranch is located near the small Oregon city of Dufur in between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, approximately an hour and a half outside of Portland. It's filled with something you will not see in Vegas: trees. These mystical green objects offer campers plentiful amounts of shade to bask in, while saying things like "Ahh shade." It's got open fields, countless stages, a giant disco ball, and plenty of room to explore.

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