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7 Reasons Why Dallas Nightlife Is A Must

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Here are 7 great reasons why you should come to Dallas and let me take you out clubbing! Dallas has some rich history when it comes to entertainment. The residents of Dallas know how to have a great time out, eat well, and of course how to party hard. Let's go on a journey.

7. Stay Classy My Friends.

One of the many reasons I personally love to go out clubbing in Dallas is because the women love to dress up all sexy and the men like to look nice. Dallas has a few venues when on any given night everything is about a high class glamorous night out. Dallas never fails in that department if that is what one is in the mood for.


6. No Boundaries For Music In Dallas.

Dallas is a hub for great music, it always has been. So another reason I love to go out clubbing in this amazing city is because it attracts some of the best musicians in the world. Caters the best to every genre of music. So whatever you are in the mood for, more then likely an awesome artist will be in Dallas performing at one of the multiple venues Dallas offers.



5. No Pictures Please!

This reason should be a little higher on the list, but who does not love getting a group of your best friends together and going out one night on the town? Especially when everyone is in town over the holidays, me and my friends love to get together and reconnect with each other. Some serious dance moves that we usually find pretty embarrassing are presented. All in good fun when out with the people you call your close friends.


4. Vibe With Me.

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After a long week at the office or after a long week out of town due to business. I want to cancel everything out in my mind and just relax. Some may think going out may not be the best option. I on the other hand love going out to one of my favorite venues when my brother, Omair Mirza, might be headlining if he is not on tour. I can show up, turn off my brain and just vibe to some beautiful loud music. Some drinks may be involved to help with the relaxing process!


3. Venues With Tradation.

There always are new venues popping up in Dallas. Some new venues fail and some stay to prove why they belong. Venues such as The Lizard Lounge has been around for as one of the oldest in Dallas and the United States. A new venue in Dallas that I can say with confidence that will be around for a very long time is The Bomb Factory. This venue is big and exactly what Dallas had been craving. The Bomb Factory caters to a who's who of musical acts such as Tyler The Creator, Showtek, YelaWolf, Knife Party, and one show I am very much looking forward to at The Bomb Factory is going to be my boy Hardwell's show in August.


2. Dallas Beats On Its Own Drum.

My number 2 reason I love to go out clubbing in Dallas is that we may not have beaches or casinos, and that sometimes is a good thing. Dallas makes up for the lost attractions in its own unique way. Dallas does not have pretentious people such as some Vegas or Miami clubs may have. Nothing at all wrong with Vegas or Miami, but that could be overwhelming for someone who goes out as much as I do when in town and want to just have a good time with a close group of family and friends.


1. Rich Custom's That Keeps Growing.

My number one ties a little into my previous reason. Dallas has a very rich dance music history. Clubs such as It'll Do have been around since the 50's and bring headliners such as John Digweed and Sasha on a regular basis. Club Zouk which recently just closed, it was the legendary Starck Club such as Studio 54 in New York where the top celebrities such as Sean Penn, Madonna and many others would come in the heyday of the 1980's disco era. When going out clubbing in Dallas many forget the rich history all these venues are apart of. I invite all of you to come to Dallas and let me show you around our club scene. You will not be disappointed.

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