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Ableton Live Tutorial: Relative EQing Using Max For Live

Ableton Live Tutorial: Relative EQing using Max for Live

One of the many things Ableton Live excels at is quickly creating and manipulating ideas, as well as breaking the rules of music production. With the introduction of Max for Live, users were allowed to get behind the curtain creating their own devices to shape and manipulate sound, MIDI and more. Point Blank’s Ableton Live expert instructor Freddy Frogs uses Max for Live to solve a common mixing issue.

You can watch the video above and if you want to learn more about mixing and Ableton in general, Point Blank’s Ableton Live Diploma course is perfect for you. It goes deep on both Ableton as a piece of software and the fundamental mixing techniques you need to produce professional-sounding mixes that work in both the club and on the radio.

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Point Blank have had artists like Claude VonStroke, Nicole Moudaber and Plastician study Ableton with them so you’d be learning from the best! Find out more about their online Ableton Diploma course here and make sure you subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel for more free tutorials.

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