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Alison Wonderland Dropped An Ice-Cream Themed Video. It's Amazing

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Alison Wonderland is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising stars in dance music, and for good reason to. The Sydney based DJ, producer, and vocalist released her debut album Run a few months ago, featuring appearances from Wayne Coyne, Safia, AWE, Lido, GANZ, and many more. It solidified her name as a multi-faceted artist, and the come up continues.

Alison Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass (Interview)

Alison's most recent video for "U Don't Know" featured her being kidnapped by Christopher Mintz-Plasse AKA McLovin AKA the real MVP of Superbad, and now she has returned with the visuals for the title track "Run." You had to wonder how she could step up her latest effort, but she definitely pulls it off. In some strange reality, ice cream is like a drug.

Listen: Alison Wonderland Gets A Stunning Future Bass Remix 

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That is the focus of the video, with a group of men robbing stores and doing whatever they can to get their hands on ice cream. They are eating it, snorting it, and even being covered it in. Who knew ice cream could be so artsy? At this point, she is only rivaling Claude VonStroke for the video of the year, who recently dropped the overtly sexual visuals for "Make A Cake" and before that "Never Forever."

And If You Still Haven't Seen Her Video for "U Don't Know"

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