Andrew Bayer Brutally Calls Out Fan On Post About Same-Sex Marriage

Andrew Bayer Brutally Calls Out Fan On Post About Same-Sex Marriage

In historic news today, the Supreme Court finally ruled in favor of nationwide same-sex marriage for the first time. This obviously sent social media in a frenzy with people both cheering and speaking out against the decision. Not surprisingly, the world of electronic music reacted immediately with countless posts, tweets, and profile pictures being changed to the rainbow pride flag.

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We posted about the importance of the LBGT community in dance and club culture when the Ten Walls issue was hot, touching on the roots of our scene and why a stand needed to be made. While that debacle was shocking and painful to watch develop, it also brought more light to the issue at hand.

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Now with another series of posts filling the world of dance music, we have one again witnessed opinions on both sides of the debate. Anjunabeats and their artists were quick to support the decision by posting their logo in front of the pride flag, with members of Above & Beyond spreading the image as well. American producer and fellow Anjunabeats member Andrew Bayer posted the image, soon after receiving comments from an angry Facebook user.

Andrew Bayer: "Stop listening to my music then you fucking idiot"

Bayer was quick to respond with his own profanity-laden comment. While in most cases, telling a fan to stop listening to your music could be seen as unprofessional, but we can understand his frustration towards someone speaking out like this in the face of a historic moment. You can read the conversation below from Facebook and decide whether this comment was called for or not. The comment chain has since been deleted, but screenshots are forever.

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