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Art Department Aren't Gone Just Yet. Release New Video

Art Department Aren't Gone Just yet. Release New Video

Back in April, it was announced that legendary Canadian techno and house group Art Department was parting ways. Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White would each stick with solo music, straying away from the project that was birthed back in 2009 when the two worked on a remix for Riz MC on the Damian Lazarus run label Crosstown Rebels.

The rest was history, releasing their debut album on that same label in 2011, along with a series of remixes and EP's over the years and finally their second album Natural Selection (No. 19 Music/Ultra Records) back in the closing months of 2014. It seemed the group was truly catching their groove, so the news of their split was devastating for many.

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That is until today, when a slight glimmer of hope appeared in the form of a music video for the stand out track "Walls." The slow moving and deep track combines harmonious instrumentations with mournful and dark vocals, coming together to create pure emotion from start to finish. It's not your average house song, but then again, nothing was ever average about Art Department.

Grandson & Son, Hugo Moreno and Jonny White directed the video, Moreno did the art direction, and Hanne Galvez and Bernard Som handled the animation. All around the video encapsulates the longing and desperate lyrics from the song, balancing the struggle of a character through both a physical and emotional journey. You can watch the video now, and speculate what this means for the future of Art Department.

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