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Australian Police Are Taking Alcohol Enforcement To Extreme Levels In Clubs

Australian Police Introduce Harsh New Regulations For Clubs

The Australian club scene has quickly become a weakened state this past year with venues shutting down, new restrictions, and a handful of deaths related to intoxicated fights. It seems every week we hear about more disappointing news regarding how clubs will have to operate, including lockouts and venues having to close earlier. This news though might be the harshest to date.

As part of a new legislative plan, police in Queensland are set to breathalyze people within clubs. This of course it meant to curb alcohol-fueled violence that has become an issue, but what the police determine as "highly-intoxicated" and what club-goers believe will most likely be highly different. We could imagine this happening outside of clubs, but within clubs seems highly counterintuitive.

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This would take place in licensed venues, and clubs that don't cooperate would receive fines of $56,000. Queensland attorney general Yvette D'Ath told the Gold Coast Bulletin that  “Allowing police to breathalyse drunken patrons will help them to build cases for prosecution for court. She also mentions that police consider a BAC level of .15 to be highly intoxicated, which obviously differs from person to person.

Joey Lamttina, the managing director of Gold Coast's nightclub among others were not happy, telling inthemix “These laws are draconian.  Venue operators [already] have the most strictest laws to abide by and we do. Patrons need to be held accountable for their actions.”

New laws in Queensland are also looking to have all clubs close at 3 AM with a 1 AM lockout time, along with banning strong drinks and shots. Still no exact date on this laws being implemented, the Government hopes to have them in place by November.

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