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Badass 7-Year-Old Kid Broke A Guinness World Record At Bonnaroo

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Photo Credit: Caitlin Maloney (Mashable)

At music festivals, the artists are thought of as the heroes. They are the ones performing on stage, giving their all to get the crowd going as the hot sun beats down. While we respect everything they do, we have to say the real MVP of festival season is actually a badass 7-year-old kid by the name of Squish. If you aren't unfamiliar to the world of Bonnaroo, this little guy is actually quite the legend.

HAIM brought him on stage in 2013 when he was just five, and now he's taken the attention he got from that initial performance and used it to jumpstart his career. His main focus is high fives, and this year he was able to break the record for the most high-fives in a one hour span. Little Squish slapped hands with 2,392 attendees on Friday, sporting a mean grin to let everyone know that he wasn't messing around.

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Working with his team, they appropriately broke the record on national high-five day, and we have endless respect for this little man. 2013 was also the year that Squish and his mom posted a funny YouTube video asking for Norwegian artist Bernhoft to get booked in exchange for shaving his mom's head on stage, and it all went down according to plan. He's basically a legacy act at this point. More power to you Squish.

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(H/T): Consequence Of Sound, Mashable 

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