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Bassnectar Just Took A Piss On EDM Culture

Bassnectar Literally Just Took A Piss On EDM Culture

The acronym EDM has become one of the most confusing concepts to anyone in the music world. It goes like this. EDM represents this upper 1% of mainstream dance music, and although it may stand for electronic dance music, it really doesn't mean that at all. There are endless amounts of artists out there that make electronic dance music, but shun the term and culture of EDM.

In all honestly, it's gotten out of hand. Certain genres might be considered EDM while they are at a mainstream level, but as soon as another genre takes the reign, the previous genre slips away from that classification. No one can keep up with this, and everyone either seems to love or despise this mystical EDM name. There's no official meaning of EDM anymore, but it seems more and more artists are trying to run far away from the classification.

Bassnectar Literally Pissed On EDM Culture With Bold Statement

When we attended IMS in Hollywood a few months ago, Seth Troxler made it very clear in his open debate with Chuck D that he was not EDM. He actually stopped the great Chuck D to make this clear, telling him that he was more focused on the underground. Chuck D's response was absolutely priceless.

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Chuck D: "Everything is electronic. I mean unless you’re Joni Mitchell strumming an acoustic guitar then it’s all electronic. Cause if you’re doing a gig and the fuckin’ power goes, we’re fucked ain’t we?"

This put things a little in perspective, but more and more artists are running from the phrase. Zedd has been clearly separating himself from EDM in recent interviews and performances, and now we have seen Bassnectar take a clear stand against the classification and letting everyone know he is not EDM.

Bassnectar Literally Pissed On EDM Culture With Bold Statement

The new merch item from Benchpins and March One Music features a Calvin & Hobbes imitation pin with the Bassnectar logo as the head and carrying a boombox, pissing on the word EDM. In the description, it says Bassnectar does not equal EDM and states "I feel no more EDM than rock and roll or hip hop." This is alluding to his heavy influence of both hip-hop, rap, and rock in his music and sets, highlight another artist stepping away from anything to do with the EDM name.

Update: Although the item was not listed on Bassnectar's official website, the domain is owned by March One Music. This is a company that Bassnectar has worked extensively with on live events, and Bassnectar showed support for the item and message both on Facebook and Twitter. We are still trying to determine the extent of Bassnectar's involvement in the making of the pin, but this was an official release with permission and approval from Bassnectar's team.

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