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deadmau5 and Disney Settle Their Differences

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deadmau5 and Disney Settle Their Differences

It’s been roughly a year since Captain Twitter aka deadmau5 took to the tweet controls to fire off on his beef with Disney in regards to “ear” trademark disputes.

After attempting to “mark” the helmet silhouette in the US,  Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 was quickly greeted with some really nice letters from Disney’s legal team.

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A bunch of great posts ensued, then things got a little quiet, maybe mau5 fans got bored with it… who knows.

After taking shots at Disney in regards to use of his track “Ghosts ’n’ Stuff” and some other lopsided dealings things went limp, with only some occasional chatter.

The two parties reached an undisclosed settlement over the trademarks and all seems well between Micky and Mau5. We will most likely never find out because of NDA’s most likely written into the agreements, but you never know with JZ so keep your eyes on that Twitter feed.

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