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deadmau5 Throws Shade At Jack Ü And Justin Bieber Collab


Deadmau5 has never been one to stray from having an opinion, something he lets loose via Twitter on a daily basis. It seems there's always something in dance music or just in the world in general that he wants to complain about, and he's turned that into a full-time hobby that's become nearly as big as his music.

His latest rant came against the Jack Ü (Skrillex And Diplo) collab with Justin Bieber "Where Are Ü Now," which he apparently hadn't listened to yet even though it's been out for months. Sporting a picture of a strange cat as his profile picture, he asked "what the fuck is this shit" and much more.

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From there it gets even better though, where Joel eventually reveals that he accidently listened to the Marshmello remix of the song. This is a new secret identity that has been heavily supported by Skrillex, and the mysterious producer recently jumped on the official remix. Joel apparently heard this version instead within realizing it while scrolling through Hype Machine.

Eventually he admitted his mistake, but still stated that the "original still sucks too." You have to respect deadmau5 for keeping his personal feelings and friendships out of music, although in this case it seems he was a bit confused on what he was actually listening to. Regardless, it's very clear he didn't like the very idea or basis of the track from the start.

You can watch the stunning music video for the original track below, officially released today and allowing fans in the Los Angeles area to come show off their art and drawing skills. This was then infused into the video, and the result is something truly original and forward thinking.

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