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deadmau5 Trolls Kanye West And Glastonbury With Left Shark

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Deadmau5 is all about having fun, and most recently he's been taking a break during his song "Seeya" to sit on a couch with left shark and smoke some cigarettes and drink beer. It seems to be a troll of all the "button pushers" or people like Steve Aoki that run around throwing cake at audiences

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deadmau5 embraces this little stint and pulled it off at both Bonnaroo and Governor's Ball, and now it was Glastonbury's turn. All things went as planned, except a slight cigarette hiccup at the 4:18 mark. Joel must have been a little tipsy or wasn't really paying attention because the man himself lit his cigarette backwards, then throwing it back down and having a WTF moment.

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You can watch the entire segment below taken from the live stream of his set. Beyond that, deadmau5 took to Twitter to troll Kanye West after his own Glastonbury performance, who claimed he was the greatest living rockstar. deadmau5 had a little fun with this, which you can also view below.

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