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Dillon Francis And Porter Robinson Challenge Apple. It Involves Spoons

Dillon Francis And Porter Robinson Challenge Apple. It Involves Spoons

Back in April, HARD Summer released the promo video for their yearly event, this time focusing on dance music's class clown himself: Dillon Francis. It featured him trying to learn how to play spoons in order to perform at HARD Summer, a requirement set by Gary Richards. The hilarious video continued, with Dillon losing his mind over the spoon debacle and forming a supergroup with Porter Robinson.

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This was called Spoon U, and even highlighted the group getting a photo shoot from the one and only Rukes. Now it seems the two were more serious about the spoon issue than we previously thought, and alongside HARD have set up a Challenge page to get Apple to make a spoon emoji.

It's a tragic thing really. A world without spoons, but two of dance music's biggest starts and one of the biggest festivals in hoping to make change on a global scale. The challenge will run through Hard Summer (August 1st and 2nd), and all the money will be donated to the L.A. Regional Food Bank if they convince Apple.

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So far they have raised $1,647, which is pretty impressive for only a few days. You can head to the website to learn more about the challenge, and find out why this cause and the pursuit of a spoon emoj is so important in 2015.

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