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Dillon Francis Reveals How He Snuck Into Coachella As A Kid (Video)

Dillon Francis Reveals How He Snuck Into Coachella As A Kid (Video)

Dillon Francis of all people would have a story about sneaking into Coachella. With all of his antics and humor over the years, it only makes sense that the California native would have some crazy explanation of how him and his friends maneuvered through back entrances and over fences to get into the festival. Even more hilarious is the musician who helped him in

Like something out of a movie, apparently Grammy nominated singer Sia in a "shitty car" helped them get into the artist area, which once again could only happen to someone like Dillon. We wonder if he asked for the AUX to bump some heat or if he was too nervous. Either way, it's a hilarious story that he explained while he recently appeared on Fuse.

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The whole time you are just waiting to hear that he is lying and making the story up, but that never happens. Even better is that we get a Mario like description of what went down, which just adds to the entire sequence of events. You can watch the video, where he also speaks about his immense passion for Coachella and the Polo Grounds.

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