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Watch: Dillon Francis Just Dropped The Best Promo Video Ever

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Dillon Francis is always up to something hilarious, and that's just part of the reason we love him. Beyond being a brilliant producer and DJ, he's also become the class clown of electronic music and fully embraces role. Each stunt is more ridiculous then the next. Each story is crazier and less believable than the next.

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In his most recent act of hilarity, Dillon has stepped up for a comedic video to promote a party he is playing in Los Angeles. He is teaming up with local  station Amp Radio for their "Topless Summer Pool Party," and to celebrate Dillon gave the world a 47 second video that we guarantee you will watch more then once.

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Rocking a Joy Division shirt, we witness the man himself roll around in a small plastic pool, blow bubbles, and talk seductively to anyone who is watching.  This is everything. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can enter now to actually make it to this private event. Dillon Francis at a pool party with the words topless loosely involved and who knows what else? Yea, we are down.

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