Diplo Announces Major Lazer Collab With Jack Ü And Many More During Reddit AMA

Skrillex And Diplo Just Performed At The NBA Playoffs

Reddit AMA's are always a good time. People are more open about details regarding their lives, and tend to spill a little more information then they normally would. This was the case when Diplo and Walshy Fire of Major Lazer stepped up the plate this afternoon on Reddit, announcing a handful of massive collabs that we are excited to see come to fruition.

This includes Major Lazer working alongisde Diplo's project with Skrillex under the name Jack Ü, which we could only imagine would be one of the biggest songs of 2015 if that happened. Diplo also spoke about a collab with Tinashe and Jauz, along with another track with Iggy Azaelea, Konshens, and Benny Blanco. It seems Diplo is down to work with all kinds of different artists.

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You can view more of the information below about these songs below, along with a series of memorable quotes from Diplo and Walshy Fire that took place regarding everything from M.I.A to the creation of "Lean On."

Speaking On Red Rocks Rehearsal Song:

"Big new song with major lazer and konshens and iggy azealia and benny blanco."

On The Possibility Of A Jack Ü And Major Lazer Collab: 

"THIS is gonna be a big one!"

Can Jauz x Jack Ü happen?

"Diplo x Jauz x tinashe song is gonna be big."

On Terry Crews Saying Diplo Has The Best Running Music: 

"Terry cruz a real boss"

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On Working With M.I.A In The Future: 

"I think she unfollowed me again."

On "Weed Man" From The Major Lazer Cartoon Getting A Release:

"Gonna put out all the music from the cartoon at the end of the summer! like 40 songs tho we have to choose what to work on."

On Diplo's Colab With TroyBoi:

"The song i did with troy boi with be on his EP on mad decent soon."

On Kidz Bop Covering "Lean On" and "Where Are U Now":

"That would be tite"

On The Start Of Jack Ü:

"Years ago i met skrillex and gave him this song called amplifier.. we didnt finish it but we made jack u over the last year for fun in LA late nights."

On NumbersFest In Athens:

"That was ratchet as fuck i slept in west virginia that night."

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