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EDC Missed Connections Website Launched To Help You Get Back In Touch

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EDC Missed Connections Website Launched To Help You Get Back In Touch

Ok, so this is pretty clever at least in theory anyway. The cultural juggernaut known as EDC is just getting started and if you are one of the 100,000 plus people headed out to Vegas right now this little social tool just might help you reconnect with someone special that you meet out there in Vegas. Things can get a little crazy when you are partying with thousands of people out in a city known for debauchery, you are probably not going to be all that lucid this weekend unless you are a “straight edge” type of electronic music fan.

Chances are you might meet someone that you really want to reconnect with and there are even better chances that you might forget to get that person's contact details, especially if it’s only a quick “hug hug high five we love EDC” type of interaction.

The guys at Burner have got your back, they created an EDC missed connections website for you to reconnect with people (or at least try). Yes, it might be a hail mary, but it’s worth a shot to find that incredibly cute rave bunny you just blew away with your gloving skills. Check EDC Missed Connections.

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Official Release from Burner Below:

"The most memorable thing about EDC Vegas is when you make it past security, go through the tunnel, stand on top of the stairs, and look down at the Speedway to see the festival in all its glory. The second most memorable is usually some guy/girl at the Kinetic Field with way too much kandi, a neon green shirt/bikini, and a permanent layer of sweat that basically acts as a beacon by reflecting all the stage lights. Did you lose them in the crowd without getting their number? No worries, just text this number or leave a voicemail and see if they’ll get back to you! Questions or press inquiries? Email:”

(702) 381-6900

Good luck out there, be safe and look out for your fellow party goers.

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