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Watch: Egyptian TV Show Pulled The Craziest Prank On Paris Hilton

Egyptian TV Show Pulled The Greatest Prank On Paris Hilton. It's Amazing

We know it's not good to laugh at other people's pain, but this is just too hilarious. Egyptian prank show Ramez In Control, similar To Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd, recently took Paris Hilton for a wild ride and the result is too perfect. It's painful for her yes, but damn it's entertaining. Just know that Paris was never in harm's way, so you can't feel too bad even though the plot is pretty messed up and she is now reportedly suing over the incident.

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Basically she gets put on a small private plane, and then all hell breaks loose. She screams and cries and loses her minds, and it's similar to what happens to a crowd when Paris Hilton tries to DJ. She is convinced that she is about to die, so you can imagine what goes down. We don't want to ruin the entire clip, so just watch below and enjoy this soon to be viral video. Skip to 2:20 for the good stuff. 

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