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Fareoh Is Disappointed With Electronic Music. Releases New Single As Statement

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Fareoh's been on a bit of a break for the past few months, and now he's returning with big news: an album is on the way. "There's Hope" is the first single off the upcoming release, and the brisk keyboard-laden jam takes its time with the build and hits all the sweet spots along the way. It released along with a birthday letter from Fareoh to fans, in which he brings up being "very disappointed" with the state of electronic dance music, believing that it has become "more about the party" in a way that has "sacrificed the feeling" of the music.

"I wanted to really step back from the scene and do something I would be completely proud of," he says. Fareoh's style has certainly evolved in his time off: it retains all the elements which propelled his massive "Take Me Home" remix to festival-anthem status last year, but each layer feels refreshingly human as it rises. Read Fareoh's full letter in the track's SoundCloud description, and listen below.

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