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Having A Field Day At Field Day London

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Field Day


Haystacks and Skipping = Recipe for success

Start the day with a mandatory boozy brunch. All the eggs. Toast. Mimosa(s). Always important to line the belly before a 12 hour session of drinking, dancing and losing all your friends.

Field Day is a go-to festival for a lot of Londoners, the community feel, bargain ticket price and the hope of endless sunshine is too much of a draw. Originally starting as a day long festival, last year saw it extending to two days - another day to dance recklessly and embarrass yourself in front of strangers.

The weather was glorious and a fair amount of prosecco had been quaffed. Heading into the festival site, there was a general feeling of amity and a consensus that everybody was there to simply swig their red stripes and dance to the magnificent offerings of the day.

First on the agenda was techno connoisseur Andrew Weatherall playing b2b with protege Daniel Avery. Of course it all seems a bit backward to be watching these two churning out some absolute stompers at 2pm in the afternoon but before you know it, you’ve been sucked into some sort of hypnotic trance.

Floating Points played an equally ear-pleasing DJ set at the Resident Advisor tent. Laying down some rare disco and soul tracks, then throwing in the classic crowd pleaser, “You can win” by Bileo (if you haven’t heard this - get on it) which received a harmony of woo’s from the crowd.

Awesome Tapes From Africa took to the stage next, with his second of two appearances throughout the day. The American brought his unique set-up - as his name suggests he seamlessly mixes his set on a cassette deck, it’s not every day you see that. He shares with the crowd an abundance of unvarnished recordings that you are unlikely to ever hear - and better still they have the innate ability to get your feet moving pronto.

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A view across the field


A view across the field

The Eat Your Own Ears stage welcomed Swedish synth master Todd Terje and his live band the Olsens. His lively disco tracks complimented the sunshine just perfectly, ending the set suitably with dancefloor classic “Inspector Norse”, which saw everybody cry a chorus of ‘doo doo doo doo’ and throw some serious shapes.

It all ended very aptly with Caribou taking to the stage as the sun set behind the trees and tower blocks. Dan Snaith mastered a perfect mix of his slow eerie numbers like "Our love" and the powerful crowd pleasers, “Odessa” and “Can’t do without you”. He has the crowd in a dreamy daze for the whole performance - a smashing way to end a day of beers in the sunshine.



Caribou closing the day

Here's a cheeky playlist with tracks from some of Field Day's key players!

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