Hannah Wants: 10 Tracks That Got Me Into Dance Music

Hannah Wants: 10 Tracks That Got Me Into Dance Music

Hannah Wants has quickly become a force to be reckoned with these past few years. The UK producer currently located in Birmingham made a name for herself in the world of deep and club focused house music, known both for her rinse-worthy productions and prowess behind the decks.

She continues to take this movement further with each passing year, in 2014 finally embarking on her first North America tour to play a handful of club and festival gigs. This helped the US and Canadian audiences catch, conquering more and more cities as time goes on.

Although she's constantly on the move playing shows, in the studio, and recently recoding an addicting essential mix for BBC Radio 1, we were able to catch up with Hannah and have her compile a list of the ten songs that got her into dance music. These are the tracks that helped spark her love for the scene she now calls her home.

Classic tracks from the likes of Arman Van Helden, Robert Miles, and Octave One, focusing on lots of garage, speed garage, and of course house music. Hannah Wants is poised to have a huge summer with upcoming shows in the UK, Ibiza, and a festival appearance at Glastonbury, but this is a walk down memory lane for dance music lovers.

Gala - "Freed From Desire"

A 1997 dance classic! I remember listening to this track on the radio as a kid and I was obsessed. I still am! I dropped this at a festival last year towards the end of my set and I had thousands of people in a tent with their hands in air jumping up and down singing “Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na…”. Honestly one of the best and most giddy moments of my life!

Robert Miles - "Children"

What a classic! Released in 1996, "Children" sticks in my head as one of the tracks that started my love for dance music. I was only a child but I loved it, my passion for music had begun!

Everything But The Girl - "Missing" (Todd Terry’s Club Mix)

Another track that sparked my love for dance music as a child. 'Missing' still gets regular plays off my iPod when I’m driving, it’s music you can just fly away to! Such a chill, my favourite Todd Terry release without a doubt!

Sneaker Pimps - "Spin Spin Sugar" (Armand Van Heldens Dark Garage Mix)

AVH is a legend and has been a real inspiration to me and my sound! I grew up playing Speed Garage and his sound was so influential. I DJ'd at Mambo’s in Ibiza last year and I didn’t know at the time but he was there listening. He came and said some really nice words at the end of my set, it’s safe to say it’s a day I’ll never forget!

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Zak Toms - "Bring Me Down" (Stanton Warriors RMX)

Garage banger! I remember bouncing around my bedroom to this track. I used to rinse all of the DJ EZ Pure Garage compilations!

Hannah Wants: 10 Tracks That Got Me Into Dance Music

Octave One feat. Ann Saunderson - "Blackwater"

This was the track I fell in love with when I first visited Ibiza when I was about 17. It’s absolutely beautiful and I still play it over my apartment terrace whenever I visit Ibiza now. Good times!

Double 99 - "Ripgroove"

Speed Garage classic! I started out playing Speed Garage and Bassline House over a decade ago. Both genres were massive in my hometown of Birmingham at the time.

Philly Station feat Tammi Wright - "Mon Supa Love"

I was obsessed with this record! I still am! Used to hear it out all the time when I was clubbing in Birmingham, such a great jam!

Beverley Knight - "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" (Agent Sum RMX)

My favourite type of organ! Again, so many clubbing memories to this. How I’d love to go back for one big night!

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